Taishindo~Little Lions

TAISHINDO LITTLE LIONS ~ Martial arts for children with self assertion training, Little Lions is designed for children ages 5 and up


InTAISHINDO LITTLE LIONS , the children are introduced in an age-appropriate way to martial arts Taijitsu and its principles. The children are supported in their individual development stages and encouraged.


Agility, coordination and speed are trained in terms of self-assertion as well as specific for Taijitsu

These include in addition to punches and kicks first defense techniques. Another important part of the training is to learn to fall correctly.

Our children learn first „traps“ for one reason only: they should learn to stand up again and again without prejudice.

In the mental area, the children learn to concentrate, be patient, show confidence and respect for others.

In all the exercises the nature of self-assertion is proved.


„Better in School“ by martial arts! In many Asian countries exercise body and spirit are part of education. Values ??such as discipline, perseverance, respect, self-confidence, physical fitness through exercise, can lead to changes in behavior and better academic performance.

With martial arts are aggressions workable. Aggression resulting from fears of which our children have at the present time enough.

The focus of our training is always the fun.


  • Promoting coordination
  • Strengthening of self-awareness
  • Fun on the common sports
  • Strengthening the muscles
  • endurance Training
  • Yoga exercises
  • Training in small groups

There are 2 Little Lions groups (beginners and advanced) in Hückelhoven-Kleingladbach.

Since March 2013, there is a group of children in Geilenkirchen-Bauchem. In media, there is a newspaper article to this group.

Training locations and times can be found at Spectrum

Interested? Then contact us. We are happy to answer your questions. In addition, your child has the opportunity, one month trial basis to participate in the training.

Smiley2A big thank you to SV Viktoria 1930 Kleingladbach, allowing us by joining the Association to use the multi-purpose hall in Hueckelhoven-Kleingladbach, and in summer the soccer field for training outdoors.

Kyu test December 2009

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