TAISHIN RYU KOBUJITSU means “Body and spirit school“, it was an old military art and mainly used in “close combat” but also as weapon art –like with sword, knife, stick and other- by safety guards and police in feudal Japan.


In includes:

Kenjitsu_KaliSword fight of the samurais.
Tantojitsu_KaliDagger and knife fight.
Tanbojitsu_KaliShort stick about 20 - 23 inch.
Hanbojitsu_Kalimiddle long stick about 36 inch
Tonfajitsu_KaliStick about 20 - 23 inch with clutch piece
Yawarabo_KaliFight with a nerve stick about 4 - 6 inch.
Hojojitsu_KaliRope and chain fight techniques.

The use of these weapons is trained sequentially or in combination. Here are many basic techniques such as short stick transferable to long stick and also to use in dealing with the sword.

The variety of weapons provides a special charm and a varied training.


Spirit – Swort – Body are a union