Self Assertion for women

By self-confidence assert yourselve and defend

Frau Kanji (jap.: Josei = women, female, female gender)

The contents of this course are easily learned defensive tichniques with big effects

By repeating different situations, the defense techniques become easily retrievable in dangerous situations. You do not have to be athletic to learn these defense strategies. You will learn to strengthen your self-confidence!

The valid motto is: „By self-confidence assert and defend yourself.“

Women can show by their posture and their voice that they are no victims. It is also important to determine how dangerous a situation is and how you must react.

„To make women strong“ with the following subjects:

  • Security in public placies (including bus and train)
  • Security in dealing with unknown people
  • Knowing what causes fear in me
  • How can I freely and confidently unfold my indepence?
  • What am I able to do alone and when do I need help?
  • How do I protect myself from sexual infringements?

with the contents:

  • Self-confident appearance
  • Body language
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Recognising dangerous situations, analyse and remove myself
  • Learn easily applicable defence techniques
  • Practise relation by role playing
  • Self-defence right