Self Assertion for Kids



A large part of the lessons is based on practical situation games and suitable exercises. The children should make a distinction between „good / nice or bad / stupid“ feelings and hear on them. They should learn to react if necessary with a clear „NO“:

They are sensitised for certain situations and are asked, to be watchful, to think and to inform their parents of suitable incidents.

The children learn important things on the subject self-defence. We explain with the exercises that the learnt techniques may be used only if necessary to defend themselves!

To make children strong with the subjects

  • Good and bad feelings
  • Good and bad secrets
  • Border place
  • Knowing what causes fear in me
  • What´s to do if there is annoyance ?
  • What am I able to do alone ?
  • When do I need help ?

and with the contents

  • Movement and coordination games
  • Body and voice consciously start
  • Relaxation exercises for children
  • Breakfalls and rolls, Grab escape, punches, kicks and other defense techniques
  • Practise relation by role playing
  • Self-defence right

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