This area is conceived for everyone. The easy techniques have maximum success with minimum expenditure because they are quickly retrievable with low training expenditure and attack straight sensitive points of the body. The OCS gets by with few base techniques and is applicable variously. You will learn to defense attacks from different directions and and/or by several attackers as well as defensing unarmed („empty hand“) as well as armed attacks. You will learn to use belt, umbrella, key, knife, etc. as weapons to defend yourself. To be very close to reality, we are coaching „armed and unarmed“ defenses under all conceivable possibilitys and in the most different situations (inside / outdoors, standing/sitting/lying, darkness / brightly, dry / wet, etc.). In the end, it is about the „pure survival“!

Components are:

OCS – Operative Combat System
Law Enforcement Tactical Combat

Operational Combat
Defensive Shooting