This area belongs to the OPERATIONAL COMBAT and also includes the DEFENSIVE SHOOTING and is also designed for different target groups.


(Defensive shooting with firearms)
(Tactical defensive shooting for security and law enforcement forces)

(jap.: Kiku Sentou Shisutemu)


Shooting into an effective training of a practical training are individually tailored and targeted training plans and exercise sequences that simulate the realistic use of firearms.

This should be the personal needs (reasons for keeping a gun) just like the realistic situations (eg, coverage options, number of attackers, stress positions, lying, kneeling, standing, movement, pp.) Are included as well as the external circumstances (such as lighting conditions sun, darkness, artificial light, wind, rain, pp.).

The training should, therefore, for example, in addition to exercises to promote handling and marksmanship exercises even when dealing with firearms in torch light, behind cover, from movement and contact with body from 360 ° – Capture, among other things included if you wants to carry a firearm for defense!

Training conditions:

Conditions for the defensive shooting are:

Right to self-defense shooting skills (self-defense law / justifiable emergency)


good weapons skills (especially about their own weapon)


practical, effective and individually tailored shooting training


personalized and targeted equipment and weapon


mental attitude necessary to fight Defense (firearms)


overall good physical and mental condition

Training program:

Promotion of handling and marksmanship

  • techniques in the use of cover (cover is going effect)
  • shooting from the kneeling position, lying-standing
  • Identify and reduce disruption of weapons
  • attack types and proper trigger behavior under stress
  • shooting under stressful time
  • shooting under different lighting conditions
  • shooting and reloading after injury
  • Assessment of threats and possible de-escalation and parking of Deduction and shooting errors in the shooting
  • Proper Carrying modes of firearms (concealed Run) and useful accessories
  • Acquisition of knowledge of self-defense law
  • Target group training with the respective conditional features (such as police, security and police forces, military police, etc.)
    ensure the weapon against removal (Compatibility training)

Participant Audience

In Germany, this kind of weapons training is only open to relatively few people. For the Arms Act allows this practice only practical hunters, gun permit holders and others to drive a legitimate weapon of citizens.

Persons are entitled, under § 23 AWaffV have a special need.

These include: firearms license holders, legitimate guards, bodyguards, security forces / services, police, etc.

The Accident Prevention Regulations for example, requires arms makers in the security sector is a regular shooting training and annual review of weapons expertise.

Components are:

OCS – Operative Combat System
Street Survival Combat
Law Enforcement Tactical Combat

Operational Combat