OCS OPERATIVE COMBAT SYSTEMKIKU SENTOU SHISUTEMU is a modern and effective fight system that is constantly developing. It is for self defence in the case of an emergency. You can learn it in a short time regardless of age, gender, or physical strenght. It is based on natural reflexes and is applicable under pressure no matter to the location (for example OCS based upon common principles and natural instinctive movements, techniques are retained with minimal review & practice


OCS involves “close-to-reality” armed & unarmed defensive techniques in various situations. Specifically targeting the needs of official civilian security agencies and military task forces, OCS protects law enforcement officers from harm and liabilities. It instructs defensive tactics against threats involving firearms, blunt objects, edged weapons, arrest and control.

Components are:

Street Survival Combat
Law Enforcement Tactical Combat
Operational Combat
Defensive Shooting