(jap.: The body mind energy which flows in the fist)

By gentleness find rest – gentle movement for everybody of 8 – 80.

Taishinkiken is, like Tai Chi Chuan, a gentle comprehensive health practise for all people independent of the age and state of health. Taishinkiken’s positive health effects are more health, peace of mind and well-being.

It connects on harmonious kind body, spirit and soul. It adjusts the respiration, strengthens heart, circulation and nervous system and quickly leads to a cheerful-calm mood, more well-being, relaxation and concentration. The health effects are academically proved in particular for chronic and psychosomatic illnesses. By practicing the muscle tone, the balance sense and the respiration improve. Spiritual and physical balance increase just as loading capacity and satisfaction. You deal in careful, patient manner with internal inadequacy to develop physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Taishinkiken is suitable for everybody, doesn´t need equipment and only a little place . You can practice it inside as well as outdoors.

Taishinkiken is like a „meditation in movement“ which brings together body, spirit and soul. The movements come from the martial art Taijitsu. Still they are graceful, slow, is relaxing and is going over into each other. Relaxation, vitality and health are in the foreground while practicing. Practise contents are:

  • Kata – Agreed movement forms from the Taijitsu
  • Kokyo-ho – Breath techniques with and without movement
  • Kinhin – Walking meditation in connection with the breath techniques
  • Sabaki-Zen – Movement meditation in connection with the respiration
  • Kanjiru-ho – Feel-Techniques as a partner practise („sticking hands“)
  • Ki-ho – Development / control of the (body – spirit) energy

In the centre of the exercise of Taishinkiken is the Kata as a form. A clearly motion sequence on each other of the following, mostly fluent movements. A form consists of several single movements. They are mostly explained slowly and quietly. You will get an increased selfperception (Propriozeption). While practicing the principles are important. They provide for the quality of the training. In addition belong relaxation, balance, posture, step results, weighting, rotations, spiral movements, centring, stretching and erection of the backbone. Besides, the mind should be relaxed and calmly.

As one of the internal styles Taishinkiken especially is suited well as a supplement to the hard training of external styles. Here in a row of whole body movements relaxation and breath techniques is combined by means of deep abdominal breathing. By the deep abdominal breathing it comes to a perfect relaxation and the diaphragm becomes more movable. We inform easy forms with tips to uses for the fight.

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