(jap.:Harmony between body and spirit)

Aishintai Yoga Searching for the internal harmony

The translation of  Aishintai-Yoga is nothing else than „harmony between body and spirit. It is not important – many people are thinking so – to learn complicated Yoga- knots, but the search for internal harmony.

Aishintai-Yoga is the combination of streching, breathing and meditation. Respiration, concentration and movement should create a unity between body, spirit and soul. The exercises are more than just a gymnastics program. Only if respiration, concentration and movement combine to a unity, a certain effect on body and soul which influences the person comprehensively originates.

You neither must be especially agile, nor have special equipement. You only need comfortable clothes, a cover as a base and a quiet minute then you can start. Of course, to propertly carry out some of these yoga exercises, you need some body relaxation. A very concentrated and active process in which body, thoughts and feelings are involved. Only by complete relaxation technique helps against headaches, back sufferings and sleeping disturbances. And even illnesses like asthma, diabetes and heart suffering become better by regular training.

For physical balance or relaxation you often only have a little time. You feel eroded and overtaxed, the muscles are coached faultily – the body and the soul are cramped. These spannings can have negatively results up to physical or mental illness. In search of a comprehensive method for relaxation and for stress dismantling Aishintai-Yoga is very well suitable.

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