Be fit – Have fun
Pow! Punching the sandbag.
Bam, here comes the next hook.
Tai fitboxing for the health and body (jap.:Tai)

A combination of different martial arts applied to create Tai fitbox-training. It burns fat and builds muscle. Don´t forget the most important:You have a lot of fun!

The new mix of aerobics and boxing.The only „opponent“ who is fought are the fatty tissues. And one more advantage: It helps against stress.

You will train one hour with great speed. 60 minutes of kicks and punches and about 850 calories are burnt. A bungee cord is used for strengthening and muskulature.

Taifit boxing – the new kind to feel fine allround. Non stop action with the fun factor.



Tai Fitboxing / Tai Kenkou Kentô