Move your body!

If you love movement, action and fun, TaiBo is exactly the right thing for you.

For this amusing whole-body-training contrasts all of the above with other fitness trends. Heardly no other sudorific discipline is able to inspire so many people. It demands and promotes willpower and assertiveness, calms the tense nerves and frees the headi: the right way to fitness, well-being and a good figure! Ideally to energize and lose weight!

TaiBo – a training without special choreography to a motivating, sudorific power workout – is a power mix from aerobics and fight sport (box, kick boxing, Tai-Kempo-Jitsu). It is an excellent heart circulation training with strengsthening of the shoulder and leg musculature. The training is based, like aerobics, at musical motivation level and connects fight sport technologies, like punches and kicks, with condition-supporting heart-circulatory training.

If you want to lose weight, want to have a well-trained body, if you are searching the special „kick“ and like to reach big results in a short time, you should try TaiBo!


Tai Fitboxing / Tai Kenkou Kentô