UBIG ~ Union of Budo-Instructors and Grandmasters

In this association’s internal organization, are closed by resolution of the Annual Meeting 2011 in IBDF Neßmersiel (northern Germany), all budo teachers and Grand Master of the association in a covenant together.

It was also decided at the annual meeting of the IBDF 2011,to write to all Budo teachers and Grand Master of the association and tell about the possibility of adoption of an international version of „Grand Master“. cover letter.

All in IBDF – International Budo Do Federation and Association of IDK – International Dan-recognized college Budo masters from the 8th Dan can be taken under this Decision according to formal, complimentary admission by application in the „Budo Federation of Teachers & Grand Master“.

All registered grandmaster will be posted on our website and get an ID card.

Interested parties can sign the attached membership application (see below) and send it back to us. You haven´t to pay an admission fee. There are no annual fees.

Membership application as a PDF for printing

Please send this completed membership application to

Sensei Thomas Klein
Honsdorf 8
52511 Geilenkirchen

documents und certificates:

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