IFBU ~ International Federation of Body-Spirit-Budo Association



Kokusai Kanji
The Kokusai Taishin Budokwai Renmei is a federation of budo styles (martial arts of Asian, especially Japanese origin) and budo practices of the Body-/Spirit-School (Tai Shin-Ryu), which is attached as a subset of the International Budo Do Federation EV (IBDF).

In it all traditional, unarmed and weapons Budo styles are represented as well as modern styles with Combat self defense character. Furthermore, health-promoting practices with Budo background of the Body-/Spirit-School that emphasize the pursuit of unity between body and spirit and practice, beside the body also the mind.

The following Taishin Federations are affiliated:

Taishin-Goshinkwai1 unarmed Budo styles and modern combat styles

Taishin-Kenkoukwai1 traditional weapons Budo styles and modern Combat styles

Taishin-Kobukwai1 health-supporting methods with Budo background

In these federations tests can be stored and obtained licenses. You can join to it / them.
Responsible for this area as the President is Sensei Thomas Klein.
For more informations go to the pages of I-F-B-U