Police & Law Enforcement Affairs

Police & Law Enforcement Affairs (Police, Security and Order matters in the I-F-B-U)

This section is intended for official national and international security forces, and how the police, military police, Public Order pp. and other security and regulatory bodies such as Security, Safety-guards, Military-guards, pp. provided.

Here, in particular, these groups should be pooled and organized within the association task-organized and represented. Intention is the establishment and development of specific networks that are beyond the purely sporting spirit addition, the task calls for training purposes and are used and promoted. About a platform on which these groups have only access, as well as meetings, sittings, seminars / courses to take place this exchange and this job-specific network filled with life.

Should be based upon the theoretical and practical sharing of special techniques, policies and content of specific deployment training with and without weapons. Based on these target groups are tactical combat techniques for the enforcement of legal measures (eg, arrests, searches, evacuation, etc.) in a given environment (eg in pairs or more) even under the extreme psychological pressure of an unexpected violent situation no matter which location the appropriate situations ( eg stairs, pp.), including the necessary use of resources (eg service weapon, RSG, MES, handcuffs, etc.) discussed and partly targeted at special seminars and courses will be realistically practiced.

As this basis can the OCS – Operational Combat System will be used because of the simplicity of his techniques and multi-functionality. It is for the pure „street survival“ but also specifically for security, regulatory and other forces capable. The emphasis should be placed on the use of dynamics and ‚reality as well as endurance, stress and aggression drills. You should be able to neutralize rapidly deployed any aggressor and resisters, and with instinctive movements to meet his (legal) job will be.

Integrated is also the theme for the short and long weapons training in the form of the defense firing on a statutory basis (OCS – Defensive Shooting) and corresponding neutralization techniques.

Be reflected by differing approaches for each target group into account. This task-based approaches will be discussed and adjusted.