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Federal state Karate group

of the Police on North Rhine Westphalia


The LKG NRW is an with adoption (IN NRW – IV 3 – 4729) established sporting group of 29 colleagues at the time that occurs in the context of police public relations and serves to promote the Police Sports.

The Federal state Karate group – more than Karate

The name “karate” was chosen as the umbrella term in the public known martial art. The current program consists only of Karate Aikido, Arnis, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Taekwondo. The diversity simultaneously documents the high level of training of the police and is an interesting program on the mat.

The appearance

Indeed there is a „sports show“ in which a variety of Far Eastern martial arts are demonstrated in various forms. The program of the LKG is beyond the scope of martial arts also methods:

  • Specific Arrest Techniques
  • protection from attacks of any kind, from single and multiple attackers
  • Role of daily service
  • Fracture Tests

It supports the professional stage performances with a variety of effects such as pyrotechnics, music, lighting and fire operations (in-house facilities of the LKG).

The bets made at the police’s internal and external events (open day, anniversary, dedication, etc.), with fixed programs, as well as in sports events. They range from children to seniors solid, from grassroots events to different target groups. The performances take place at home and abroad (Netherlands, Poland) with great success.

Public relations

Contact with the audience is particularly important for the LKG. The sports group also serves to bridge the gap between citizens and police, „police to touch“ is our motto. We achieve this by the group are not presented as an elitist group, but represents the police officers on the street. After the performances, the group wishes to remain on the mat and is available to interested viewers.

Martial arts


Ai – stands for harmony
Ki – means energy, spirit, will
Do – stands for the way (body and spirit to one)


Arnis is a martial art that has its origins in the Philippines. It was then developed more than 1000 years ago and over the centuries also tested in practice.


Winning by giving
Ju – stands for soft
Do – stands for the way

Jiu Jutsu

Ju – stand for soft
Jutsu – stands for (war) art


The karate was founded more than a thousand years ago, when the Buddhist monk and founder of Zen, Daruma (Damo), who lived in the monastery of Shao Lin in China and then instructed his pupils in the body toning exercises, which should give them endurance and strength.

Ken Jutsu

Ken – stands for sword
Jutsu – stands for (war) art

Kobu Jutsu

…stands for „old war-art“ (in japanese)
It contains the arms struggle with -among other things- Stick, sword, knife, rope, etc.

Tai Jutsu

Tai-Jitsu is a martial art of japanese origin, which is geared to self-defense and includes the unarmed combat.


Taekwon-Do is a relatively new korean martial art which was first announced in 1965 in Germany. Taekwon-Do, loosely translated means „The art of hand and foot fighting“.

WT – Wing Tsung

Wing Tsun was developed about 300 years ago by a Chinese nun. So a system of a woman for women (but of course also suitable for men).


Intervention techniques for police in North Rhine Westphalia

A system that is characterized by specific police tactical, technical and legal requirements. The use of the techniques used to reduce violence and self protection. They are fairly highly of proportionality, are flexible, effective, and therefore versatile implement. The aim is particularly to prevent unnecessary exposure of police officers and officials and other persons.

Promotion of the Police Sports

Police officers of the LKG act as coaches at the service of sport and sports clubs of the police and in the integrated training of the police. They provide a multiplier training on basics of police prevention programs.


High praise from the boardrooms and recognition by the former Federal President Johannes Rau, the former Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Wolfgang Clement, and by the former Government of President Raghilt Barve show that the group is on the right track.

Some voices:

„The Federal state Karate group of the Police is a very good impression of the police, which shows a striking manner, that the police institution is a citizen and part of the society in which they feel involved and is“ (G. Steckhan, Hagen’s former police chief). „I’m sure you will do with your sport and its overall a great demonstration of the police service“ (Raghilt Barve, former President of Government Arnsberg).


The LKG can look for their achievements in a secure future, as new candidates seeking membership in the LKG and the support of the authorities and lines of Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia is guaranteed. Despite the empty coffers, they never stood up for consideration.

The Federal state Karate group of the Police … and the team of athletes