Registration-Day 2010

2aLike every year the registration day took place on Sunday, 22nd of August in the Terry-Fox-hall of the Selfkant barracks in Niedrheid.

Numerous members of the Canadian community came to this event and showed big interest in the different presentations and exhibitions for more future possible leisure activities.

In particular the live presentations of different martial arts by students and the adept of the Taishindokan-Academy had big attention and enthusiasm from many visitors.
Some visitors, now with animated interest in martial arts, registered in a list for further information and a free trial lesson for children and adults.5a

7aUnarmed fight arts were presented like Goshinkwai Taijitsu, Kobukwai Jiujitsu and OCS ~ Operative Combat System and also fight arts with traditional weapons like samurai’s sword (Katana), knife (Tanto), Tonfa, rope (Hojo), nerve stick (Yawara) and sticks (Tanbo and Hanbo) of the Taishin Ryu Kobujitsu..