Course in Austria 2010

Budo seminar of I-F-B-U ~ Austria /Burgenland
SHIN Halbturn / SHOGAI Gols

17th to 19th May 2010 (Pentecost)

The Burgenland is the most eastern federal state of Austria.

Bild6-2The northern Burgenland municipality of Halbturn is at the border of the national park  Neusiedler See – Seewinkel and only 1,500 m from the Hungarian border.

SHIN Halbturn

Gruppe1-2Training Halle

Training at the castle

The castle Halbturn is in the northern Burgenland near the Neusiedler See. It was built in 1711 by Lucas v. Hildebrandt.



Training Schloss

 Training at the lake

See2The Neusiedler See (Hungarian. Fertö, means literally „swamp“) is one of few steppe lakes besides the Plattensee in Europe. The lake is on Austrian as well as on Hungarian state area.


Training See