Martial Arts Day in Düsseldorf

Love martial arts friends,

on the 27th of May 2017 in dusseldorf the 14th time of the Martial Arts Day, martial arts day, is celebrated. A mega-seminar with about 70 top speakers from over 10 nations.

The event is Europe`s largest multyle martial arts seminar.
The event poster and the registration forms are available on the following website.

Under the motto: „Together instead of against each other“, thousands of active participants have been trained. Hundreds of masters in a friendly atmosphere with each other, regardless of style, association, age or class.
Learning together, learning to know the same, meeting friends , gathering new impressions, being inspired, feeling the energy of the event, making good conversations, exchanging experiences, making contacts and having fun.

For kids we have this year again an extra area with lots of action, all the time!

Following the charity event, the MAA Sports Awards Gala takes place:
With demonstrations, delicious food, honors and more. The martial artists ‚and athletes‘ honors take place in the very solemn setting for deserved martial artists, champions, competitors, assistants, pupils, supervisors, etc., also for the breastfeeding stars. Nomine your favorites!

If you want to honor someone, to thank times or to commend special commitment or achievements, then the Sports Awards Gala offers the right solemn framework. The Nomination and Nomination Forms etc. can also be found below.

Since the event takes place every year in a different city, new organizational challenges arise every year. All the more we are pleased that we can offer the tickets for the MAA Sports Awards-Gala a whopping 10 € COSTS more than last year and with even more performance (3 course menu, larger event hall, very good air-conditioning, etc.)

Seminar sports hall:

Quadruple hall Marie-Curie-Gymnasium

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40625 Düsseldorf, Germany


Date: May 27, 2017

Inlet: 8.30 hours

Start: approx. 10 hours

End: about 5 pm


Seminar prices:

for registration by 1 April

up to 14 years     20 euros

from 15 years     25 euros

later registrations + 5 Euro per person

Payments at the day bank + 2 more euro per person.

Spectators (such as the parents):

up to 14 years 5 Euro

from 15 years 8 euros


You can find more information about the event below!

Ich bitte um rege sowie zeitnahe Anmeldung. Die Anmeldung mit der Seminargebühr (Kinder bis 14 Jahre 20,-€/Rest 25,-€) ist bis spätestens


  • Tuesday, 28.03.17