Lady Lions – the moving woman

This course is for all interested women and age and personal efficiency play no role -„everybody is fetched where he stands!“ –
Weekly the course takes place in five appointments.

In this „women-fitness-wellness-martial arts-training“  stands in the foreground, primarily, the joy in movement, the improvement of own efficiency and health as well as self-defence.

Movement: Strengthening of the musculature, support of the coordination and endurance among other things by Taibo and TaiFit-boxing on music.
Mobility, coordination ability, endurance and  quickness become in view of self-assertion, as well as specifically on self-defence coached.

Defence ability: strengthening of the self-confidence and learning of real self-defence technologies. Women should be made strong and defense-capable, while they are approached to the art of fighting / self-defence and their principles. They will be supported and promoted,  in her individual development.

Relaxation: generating relaxation and stretching by special yoga exercises of the Aishintai yoga! By the combination of stretch-, breath- and meditation exercisesthe women learn to concentrate in themental area better and to be relaxing.

Besides it is a matter of realising the workon own self-confidence as well as learningof easy self-defence technologies suitedfor everyday life.