TAISHINDOKAN means: Place / School of the way of body and spirit in

Taishindokan Academy is a school that has the desire to get body and spirit in harmony with constant training (Tai-Shin-Ryu: Body-Spirit-School). This is done by the teaching of various Budo styles and health-promoting practices with Budo background.

In it you can practice traditional unarmed and armed styles.

In addition, you will find in our offer modern Combat styles with self-defense-character.

In courses and seminars we offer Budo fitness and -wellness , and in cooperation with various institutions assertiveness courses for children and women.

The Taishindokan Academy is connected to the IFBU ~ International Federation of Body-Spirit-Budo Association as a subdivision International Budo Do Federation EV (IBDF) .

Chief coach is Sensei Thomas Klein