• For which age is martial arts/ sport suitable?
  • You profit in particular from martial arts, as for example Taijitsu and Kobujitsu at every age.
    In our child group, „Little Lions“ children train from 5 years.
    In playful manner they learn body coordination, blow and step technologies, falling school and the first defensive technologies.
    Fight sport at the age – for many people does not fit this.
    They connect whirled arms and legs only with well coached sportsmen and action film heroes.
    Really, nevertheless, experts recommend More than 60 year-old to position themselves on the mat.
    „At the age strength, coordination and perseverance decrease – however, with fight sport one can coach exactly this very well“ explains the sport medicine specialist Martin Halle from Munich. Absolutely hard training with jerky movements and firm steps is to be avoided. But, among the rest, fight sport helps to strengthen the body and improves the coordination.
    Fight sport helps at every age to appear as self-confident and to defend itself if necessary.

  • Do I need special clothes?
  • First once reach comfortable sports clothes. Then after the first belt exam one should carry a so-called „Gi“.

  • Can I take part for a test in the training?
  • You have the possibility to take part several times without obligations in the training.
    Indeed, it is necessary to contact us before.
    It is enough a phone call or an email. You find the contact data here.

  • How can I defend myself against attacks as a woman actually?
  • In principle, every person has an honest chance to stand against an infringement.
    Fact is most people and here especially women and older fellow citizens believe, it has no sense to defend itself.
    Only this insecurity is already the invitation for the perpetrator.
    They always search victims, no opponents. Therefore a self-confident appearance, a clear judgment property and the surprise moment is always the advantage of the“victim“. The most important one is a self-confident appearance and in worst case it is enough to stop the perpetrators „film expiry“.
    Culprits select their victims consciously: counterweir is not expected. Self-defence begins in the head and not with the first blow! Therefore, every person whether  woman, man, junior or senior should decide to a self-defence course or train fight sport/ martial art at a club.

  • Why can’t I carry along simply a weapon, instead?
  • Weapons are a great thing:

    1. They allow to step up directly every situation, without actually doing anything.
    2. They give you a feeling of security which leads in the case of emergency first to heroism, then to a bad awakening.
    3. They give you a high-class opportunity to come into conflict with law. Not everything what you can shop, may also be present, never mind be used.
    4. They aren’t present if you think you need them. Or it is no pressure on the CS-spray, how bad.
    5. They can be turned against you, if the attacker has disarmed you.

    Train the use of weapons intensely, e. g. , in the Kobujitsu or in the OCS or leave them better in the shop and save you an amount of money and annoyance!