Children self-assertion course at the KGS Straeten

kindersb-kgs-straeten-sept2016-collageChildren and self-confidence, prepare for possible attacks and provide them with strategies for the emergency, the goal of the children’s self-assertion course at the KGS Straeten was in the week from 19 – 23.09.16. The instructor Mr. Klein could be won for the training. Mr Klein, who is a police officer in his main department, has been running for many years, in other words for children as well as for women as well as for similar target groups.

At the center of the training were children-specific conflict situations, which the children are exposed to in everyday life (at school, on the street, at the club …). These were discussed with the children and solved together in small rolling games. The roll games should help the children to assess and deal with dangers.

Furthermore, it was practiced to „send“ the right signals through a strong look, voice, gesture, facial expressions, and upright posture, as well as learn how to react with a clear NO. The „self-defense thought“ was also highlighted by the fact that, with the previously learned self-defense techniques, the children were repeatedly told during the exercises that they can only be used for self-defense or emergency! All this has been accompanied by appropriate strengthening, movement and coordination exercises.

Most importantly, the children had enjoyed this form of learning! A continuation of the course next year is certainly conceivable.


  • in Heinsberg-Straeten
  • in September 2016 (September 19 – 23 September 16)
  • at the organizer KGS Straeten (
  • The course leader was Thomas Klein from the Taishindokan Academy (